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Lab Tested

Lab Tested

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With the rising popularity of CBD oil UK, it can be difficult to differentiate products of good quality and effectiveness, It can be tough to find reliable CBD / Hemp products.

We provide premium quality UK CBD oil ensuring that every product is made with the finest ingredients and in a quality focused environment. We aim to provide the best available product and service that serves in your interest.

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CBD oil is an all natural food supplement which can aid in managing and reducing stress, chronic pains, inflammations and aid in managing symptoms of medical conditions.
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Here at NOW CBD; we have embarked on thorough research to bring CBD oil which is efficient, effective and without consequences. Despite its long history, CBD oil only became popular recently with the discovery of its medical benefits. CBD has been suggested to reduce stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation in a variety of illness, chronic diseases and pain. Few milligram doses daily can drastically improve your quality of life.

How We Do It

Hemp is extracted from the Cannabaceae plant which is also known as the Hemp plant. After extraction it is placed in Bio Soil Boost which is a concentrated blend of organic soil formed by decomposition of leaves and plant, enzymes, organic acids, bacteria, trace elements and minerals.

In strictly controlled environment with no chemical fertilisation or genetic modifiers. As the hemp plant grows under the watchful eye of the farmer it is tended and grown organically.

If you have any concerns about how to use CBD oil, products or any questions regarding our products. Contact us today through email or phone, an expert will be at hand to provide you information.

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